Tundra ~ Mallard Point’s Tundra

OFA (pending) Tundra is our upcoming new stud to the line up! He is the son of our Sulley. He is incredibly smart, loves to retrieve and is wonderful with everyone.

Tess ~ Mallard Point’s Testing the limits

OFA Hips (good) Elbows (normal) eyes clear Tess is a beautiful girl who loves life! She loves to run and play but is super chill. She has an amazing on/off switch… meaning she can have drive when needed but can…

Oakley – Mallard Point’s Oakley

OFA Hips (excellent) Elbows (normal) Eyes clear Oakley is a people pleaser! She loves to sit beside you and wait patiently to be petted. She has a wonderful personality and loves who ever she meets!

Ryker ~ Mallard Point’s Ryker

OFA Hip (good) Elbows (clear) eyes clear Ryker is 7th generation our breeding! He is a very attentive boy who loves to hunt but loves laying on a dog bed just as much! He produces very focused puppies with mellow…

Drake ~ Mallard Point’s Drake

OFA Hips (good) Elbows (clear) eyes clear Drake is a sweet, laidback boy who is a complete Love. He is producing some very trainable, calm tempered pups who are serving as family companions, business greeters and service dogs!

Sulley ~ Mallard Point’s Mr. Sullivan

OFA Hips (Excellent) Elbows (normal) Eyes clear Sulley is a big teddy bear who loves to carry his own leash when going for walks. He’s playful yet mellow and produces great bone structure in his pups!